Explore Public Humanities Seed Grant Awarded: 2021

Olivia Dreisinger, PhD Student, English: “Diagnosis Grad School: A Disability Podcast Series”

Kinley Gillette, PhD Student, Philosophy: “The Social and Political Dimensions of Science” (a podcast+video and workshop series)

Dr. Dorothee Leesing, Sessional Lecturer, CENES: “Classical Records”

Dr. Siobhán McPhee, Associate Professor of Teaching, Geography: “A multi-sensorial storytelling of pandemic teaching and learning”

J. Kyra Philbert, MSN Student, Nursing/GRSJ: “Nurse Angélique Presents…!” (a drag show + burlesque performance)

Tomoko Kitayama Yen, Librarian, UBC Library: “I Know We’ll Meet Again: Correspondence and the Forced Dispersal of Japanese Canadians”

Additional team members:

  • Dr. John Paul Catungal, Assistant Professor, Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Social Justice
  • Allan Cho, Librarian, UBC Library
  • Dr. Laura Ishiguro, Associate Professor, History
  • Krisztina Laszlo, Archivist, UBC Library
  • Szu Shen, Program Manager, Asian Canadian and Asian Migration Studies
  • Chelsea Shriver, Librarian, UBC Library

Dr. Paroma Wagle, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, English & Geography & Dr. Kavita Philip, President’s Excellence Chair in Network Cultures, English: “Urban Climate Justice from Below: Redefining a Climate Justice Agenda from the Global South

Additional team members:

  • Dr. Priti Narayan, Assistant Professor, Geography
  • Dr. Rafi Arefin, Assistant Professor, Geography
  • Christopher Reimer, PhD Candidate, Geography

Dr. Helena Wu, Assistant Professor, Hong Kong Studies: “Citizen-Spectatorship: Mapping Community Screening in Postmillennial Hong Kong”

Dr. Nicola Levell, Associate Professor, Anthroplology: “Haida X Manga exhibition