UBC-V’s Public Humanities Hub is keen to collaborate with other units at UBC and partnerships beyond.

The UBC-V Public Humanities Hub collaborates each year with the UBC-Okanagan Public Humanities Hub through an annual speaker exchange. This year, we will host UBC-Okanagan Environmental Humanist and Artist Aleksandra Dulic. We are also collaborating with the UBC-Okanagan Public Humanities Hub to organize “Human Matters: Engaging Publics in the Humanities” conference in Kelowna July 8-11, 2020.

UBC Partners

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The Public Humanities Hub works with many on-campus units to co-host speakers, exhibitions, knowledge exchange/public scholarship training, and other events; to publicize research by our scholars; and to provide public humanities opportunities for graduate students.

UBC Library including the new Research Commons; Pixelating: Digital Humanities Mixers; and Rare Books and Special Collections
Advanced Research Computing (ARC)
The Chan Centre for the Performing Arts
Arts Communications
UBC Media Relations
Arts Development and Alumni Engagement Office
Arts & Culture District
English and History PhD Arts Co-op Program
Department of English Language and Literatures
Knowledge Exchange
Centre for Community Engaged Learning
Public Scholars Initiative (PSI) 

University Partners

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The Public Humanities Hub is exploring collaborations with regional universities’ Humanities-oriented units and with University of Exeter, with whom UBC has a Memo of Understanding.

Public Humanities Hub (UBC-Okanagan) 
The Simpson Center for the Humanities (U Washington)
Humanities Computing and Media Centre (U Victoria)
Digital Humanities Lab (University of Exeter)

Community Partners

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The Public Humanities Hub has just begun to develop community partnerships. If you are a UBC Humanities researcher already collaborating with a community partner, please let us know how the Hub can support your collaboration. If you are a community organization interested in establishing a partnership with the Public Humanities Hub—perhaps to co-sponsor an event, engage in a joint research project, etc, please let us know.

Vancouver Art Gallery
Vancouver International Film Festival 
Roedde House Museum


Western Humanities Alliance
Consortium of Humanities Centers and Institutes