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In the menu to the left, you will find specific resource pages on funding (at UBC and beyond), our public scholarship toolkits, and a dedicated page focused on graduate students (note: there are also resources on this page for supervisors, department heads, and others who advise graduate students or lead graduate student programs). Below we have compiled a list of readings on public humanities scholarship, tenure and promotion processes, and sample syllabi for publicly-engaged courses. Please feel free to peruse these resources, and let us know if there’s something we should add.

Quick Access

General Readings

“56 Ways to do the Public Humanities.” National Endowment for the Humanities. 18 Feb. 2014.

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University Press, 2014.

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On Tenure & Promotion

AAA Guidelines for Tenure and Promotion Review: Communicating Public Scholarship in Anthropology. American Anthropological Association. 2017.

AFS Position Statement on Promotion and Tenure Standards and Review. American Folklore Society.

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Sample Syllabi

The Brown Center for Public Humanities and Cultural Heritage has a public database of over 40 syllabi from various public humanities courses offered through their program.  


McDaneld, Jen. “Making Research Matter: The Public Humanities, Engaged Scholarship, and the U.S. Suffrage Centennial.”

McGrath, Jim. “Mapping Violence.”

Valk, Anne. “Methods in Public Humanities.” (Grad and undergrad hybrid)


Altman, Michael J. “Foundations: Public Humanities and Religious Studies.”

Bartha, Miriam and Bruce Burgett. “Scholarship as Public Practice.”

ClayComb, Ryan. “Public Literary Humanities.”

Guyer, Sara. “Public Romanticism and the Public Humanities: A Graduate Seminar.”

Lubar, Stephen. “Introduction to Public Humanities.”

–. “Museum Histories.”

–. “Teaching Exhibitions.”

McGrath, Jim. “Digital Archives and Digital Publics.”

–. “Digital Public Humanities.”

–. “Digital Storytelling.”

–. “Topics in Public History: Publics, Projects, and Methods in Digital Public History.”

Pendás, María González. “BUILDING PUBLICS: Introduction to Modes and Methods of the Engaged Humanities.” (Art History) 

Rizzo, Mary. “Place, Community, and Public Humanities: Programming Environmental Justice.”

Sula, Chris Alen. “Digital Humanities I.” (Library & Information Studies)

Valk, Anne. “Methods in Public Humanities.” (Grad and undergrad hybrid)