We live in a time of crisis: a global pandemic has disrupted our way of life, climate change threatens the planet, fake news and extreme populism have put democracy at risk, and racism, war, and wealth disparities have made millions vulnerable. We need humanities scholars to make sense of our world.

The UBC-Vancouver Public Humanities Hub strives to expand public discourse and stretch our gaze beyond the current moment to imagine new futures. Through innovative research projects, student and community partnerships, and public knowledge exchange, we advocate for the value of the Humanities at UBC and beyond.

We need your help to continue our vital work.

The Public Humanities Hub welcomes donations that will provide support for a wide range of activities on the UBC-Vancouver campus and in the greater Lower Mainland community. These contributions will support existing programs such as a course-release fellowships, the research cluster funding, the speaker series and the Public Humanities Media Training series and provide support for new initiatives. We welcome unrestricted gifts as well as targeted support for specific programs.