Call for Proposals | #HumaniNights: Celebrating the Engaged Humanities with Arts Amplifier and the Public Humanities Hub


Are you a Humanities scholar? Have you been recently inspired? Perhaps by a book, film, or video game? A special pet theory or a niche research interest? Or a public, applied research, or creative project you’ve been involved in?

The Public Humanities Hub and Arts Amplifier are calling for submissions for brief public presentations to our inaugural #HumaniNights celebration, a Nerd Nite style evening for the UBC community to present on a special topic that has recently inspired them–be it an inspirational book, research idea, public project, or creative work. 

As part of the Public Humanities Hub’s #HumaniSeries campaign, these informal 5 to 12 minutes talks are meant to celebrate the many ways that the humanities inspire and connect us through literature, ideas, and the arts.

For our #HumaniNights evening, we’re inviting UBC Humanities students, postdoctoral fellows, faculty, and staff to present to a general audience on a topic that falls within one of three streams: 

  • #HumaniReads: Present on a text you’ve been reading and what it has inspired.
  • #HumaniTalks: Talk about a niche research idea, some Arts Amplifier work, or side project that would interest the greater public.
  • #HumaniStories: Showcase yourself as a storyteller, through art, writing, or other creative formats.

These topics can be wide-ranging and informal. We encourage creativity and collaboration. After the evening, presenters will be invited to submit their talks as videos to our #HumaniSeries YouTube channel and all presenters will receive a $25 gift card to the UBC Bookstore.

This event is scheduled to take place from 3:30-6:30 PM, 30 March, 2022 in the new Arts Student Centre on UBC-Vancouver Campus. Please submit your proposal by the morning of 23 March, 2022. Proposals should be 300 words and should indicate which stream you are applying to, number of presenters, and any requests for technology.