As part of our Public Scholarship Series, where we host presentations by humanities scholars and other experts on publicly-engaged methods and skills, we have created a number of toolkits to assist with various kinds of public scholarship and practice. Each toolkit is themed around a specific kind of public scholarship. Please see below for a list of toolkits that are currently available. As we develop more, they will appear below in this same list. Toolkits are also periodically updated as necessary.

Close-up on sidewalk with light grey and rust-red blocks, and yellow tactile paving leading to the curb cut toward the road with white painted crosswalk linesCreating Accessible Events

In this toolkit, you will find:

  • A compilation of services and tools to organize more accessible events at UBC Vancouver Campus





Two women standing in front of a spotlighted gallery installment with 12 images on the wall.Curating Exhibitions

In this toolkit, you will find:

  • Examples produced by Humanities scholars as well as industry and community professionals
  • Examples of digital exhibitions and the difference between digital and physical installations
  • Tools and software to build digital exhibits or supplementary materials for physical exhibits and more

Making Infographics

In this toolkit, you will find:

  • Resources for getting started in making, disseminating, and teaching with infographics
  • Examples of infographics from other scholars
  • Tools and software for making infographics


Image of microphone with purple background and blue lighting.Podcasting

In this toolkit, you will find:

  • Podcasts produced by other academics on various topics and formats
  • Recording facilities, training, and learning resources on and off campus
  • Information about where to host your podcast files
  • Popular podcast directories and more


Close-up view of three spines of brown leather bound books from encyclopedic texts

 Using Wikipedia

In this toolkit, you will find:

  • Discussions around three thematic clusters: Wikipedia as Advocacy, Wikipedia as Pedagogy, Wikipedia as Public Scholarship
  • Wikipedia resources




Open newspaper spread with multiple pages displayed.Writing Op-Eds 

In this toolkit, you will find:

  • Examples of op-eds written by humanities scholars
  • Op-ed writing resources
    • Guiding questions and considerations for writing an op-ed
    • Further reading on op-eds and writing for the public
  • Where to submit op-eds in Canada and beyond