Explore Public Humanities Seed Grant Awarded: April 2023

Dr. Helena Wu, Canada Research Chair in Hong Kong Studies; Assistant Professor, UBC Hong Kong Studies, & Jimmy Lo, Graduate Student, MFA Film Production: “Asian Independent Cinema Showcase: A UBC-based Film Festival”

Dr. Elizabeth “Biz” Nijdam, Assistant Professor of Teaching, Central, Northern, and Eastern European Studies: “Board Games for Decolonization: Tarot Deck”

Additional Team Members:

  • Dr. Markus Hallensleben, Associate Professor, Central, Eastern, and Northern European Studies
  • David Plamondon (Cree), Pe Metawe Consulting
  • Jayde Gravel (Metis), Pe Metawe Consulting

Dr. Zahra Hayat, Assistant Professor, Anthropology: “PharmaPolitics – Podcast Series on the Political Economy of Medicines”

Dr. Kim Beauchesne, Associate Professor, French, Hispanic, and Italian Studies: “Green Narratives: Literary Voices from the Amazon”

Ly Min Ren, Graduate Student, Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Social Justice: “Decolonial Trans* in China”

Dr. Michele Koppes, Canada Research Chair in Landscapes of Climate Change; Professor, Geography: “A Sounding Board for Climate Affect”

Additional Team Members:

  • Dr. Derek Gladwin, Assistant Professor, Language & Literacy Education
  • Dr. Kedrick James, Professor of Teaching, Language & Literacy Education