Project Manager, Public Humanities Hub
PhD Student, English

Sydney Lines (she/her/hers) has several years experience working in higher education, museums, and in various kinds of cultural programming. She is a multifaceted creative thinker who loves big ideas, memorable stories, and gathering communities through participation in arts and culture. She started at the Hub as a Graduate Academic Assistant in 2019 and completed a PhD Arts Co-op term as the Program Manager, Strategic Initiatives for the Hub during Fall 2020.

C18 & C19 British Literature
Community Engagement
Digital Humanities
Experience Design
Markting & Communications

Sydney’s dissertation research focuses on the Romantic Century, roughly defined as the years between 1750-1850, and the resurgence of a Northern past (Old Norse, Old Gaelic, and Old English) in the literature and culture of the British Isles. She is particularly interested in its racial implications and how it is used in nationalist myth-making.

Community Partnerships
Public Scholarship