Learning Together in a Good Way: Ethical Relationality and Indigenous Storywork with Shannon Leddy

This event is part of the Ethics of Trauma-Informed Research Webinar Mini-Series co-hosted by the University of Victoria’s Visual Storytelling and Graphic Art in Genocide and Human Rights Education project and the UBC-V Public Humanities Hub.

In this webinar Dr. Shannon Leddy will guide participants through the process of phenomenological art inquiry, in which a dialogic approach to spending time with the work of Indigenous artists can reveal to viewers the ways in which their understandings of Indigenous peoples have been informed. In many cases, these ideas are the result of colonial logics, misrepresentation, and erasure. We will then explore the notion of what it means to live in ethical relationships with one another, and the impact that this element of Indigenous axiology can have on the ways we interact both as humans, and with the world around us.

Tuesday, May 23, 2023
9:00-10:15 AM Pacific Time
Online via Zoom 

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Speaker Bio

Dr. Shannon Leddy smiling under a sunny sky

Dr. Shannon Leddy (Métis) is a Vancouver based teacher and writer. Her PhD research at Simon Fraser University focused on contemporary Indigenous art as a dialogic prompt for decolonizing. She is an Associate Professor of Teaching at UBC and Co-Chair of the Institute for Environmental Learning.


Illustration of the hands of two people outstretched reaching toward one another against watercolour background with blue hues. Logo by Miriam Libicki for SSHRC PDG, “Narrative Art and Visual Storytelling in Holocaust and Human Rights Education” at the University of Victoria Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada logo